Trinity Knot Consulting

All regulated enterprises should be vigilant about cyber security and data protection, your firm will hold substantial amounts of personal data relating to individuals the handling and storage of which needs care and attention.

With the proposed Cyber Security Directive and new Data Protection Regulations, you need to remain aware of how these issues and developments affect your firm.

  • Maximum fines of £500,000 per incident, in the UK currently and possibly fines of up to 5% of your worldwide turnover are proposed under the new Data Protection Regulation.
  • Criminal convictions
  • Serious damage to reputation
  • Trinity can help you with:
  • Good governance advice on compliance requirements and potential regulator actions.
  • Amending or drafting reviewed IT policies and procedures.
  • Cyber security and data protection compliance audits.
  • Staff training and awareness programmes including:
    • what is expected of staff
    • that staff can be personally prosecuted
    • use of passwords
    • action to prevent bringing your firm into disrepute
  • Urgent 24 hour Incident service for our clients.