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  • Employment Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Data Protection compliance
  • Financial Irregularity and Compliance matters
  • Property Valuation Disputes



Employment Law

During this unprecedented time that we are all facing with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Trinity London is working to provide our consulting services with as little disruption as possible.

Advice by telephone or video because of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We continue to provide advice and assistance on all types of settlement agreements, HR matters, Policies Documents.

During this time we remain able to advise you on the terms of any draft agreement by telephone or video call (skype etc.) at a time to suit you.

We will aim to overcome any logistical challenges (signing agreements, DocuSign etc.)

COVID-19 is not an opportunity to ignore employment laws, please act accordingly.

We can give advice to:

  •     Explain what any proposed agreement / document means in plain English
  •     Explain what your options
  •     Achieve terms that you are happy with


Please contact our Employment Law advisors by email or call direct on 07813265116.


We advise both individuals and businesses giving them the ability to see things from both sides and to get to grips quickly with the issues.

Our advisers have almost sixty years of combined, social welfare law and commercial and legal practice experience and can assist in all levels and types of employment and discrimination matters.

We are also able to guide and advise individuals (Senior Management Staff) who may be facing allegations of misconduct based on regulatory wrongdoing.

We are also committed to helping businesses resolve disputes quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

If you would like to discuss any of the above points or have a particular employment related question, just request a call back from us.

Examples of employment advice to businesses:

  • Our client wanted to sell a going concern with 53 staff and hence sought advice on the Transfer of an undertaking, (TUPE).
  • Our client a SME with approx.125 staff was downsizing by 15 staff due to economic factors and was advised at length on Managing its redundancy plan, in full compliance with individual and collective consultations.
  • Advice given on a dismissal for ‘some other substantive reason’ where an employee, who otherwise was satisfactory but had failed to disclose previous criminal record for a serious crime and where service delivery for the client business in the security sector warranted immediate action.
  • Numerous ‘Independent investigations’ for ‘alleged inappropriate conduct’ undertaken for various business clients, witnesses interviewed, documents, audio and video media located and verified, reports prepared and delivered to senior management for action.


Examples of employment advice to individuals.


  • Advice assistance and representation provided to a client on a sex discrimination matter with aggravating factors, case taken successfully to Tribunal with sizable award and following further assistance provided in enforcing said award.
  • Advice and assistance provided on a sex and race discrimination dispute to client against UK Bank, pre-action letters satisfactorily resolved the harassment and client redeployed and perpetrator appropriately sanctioned.
  • Advice, assistance and representation provided to a client, ex-British Army Coldstream Guard wrongly dismissed from a close-protection role.


Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution team can advise clients in a wide range of civil disputes such as contract disputes, professional negligence, contentious probate and debt recovery.

We understand the last thing you probably want is for the dispute to escalate into a lengthy and costly court case.

Our clients range from individuals and businesses who seek our advice to amicably resolve their disputes.

Request a call back from one of our team today

What is dispute resolution?

Dispute resolution is the process of resolving a civil dispute between parties. This could be from unfulfilled contract terms, breach of fiduciary duties, a disputed will or claims of professional negligence.

We advise on urgent matters and can help with most civil disputes including:

Contract Disputes

Debt Recovery

Data Protection, GDPR and Privacy Claims

Professional Negligence

We help you to find the best way to resolve your dispute. This may be through negotiation, mediation, arbitration. For more info click here.

Examples of dispute resolution cases we have worked on

Contentious Probate –

Our client sought to challenge a Will executed very close to the death of his late mother, despite the close relationship and the normal expectations the Will made no provision for him. Surprisingly the clients’ sibling had been left the entirety of the residual estate. Pre-action letters were immediately served seeking to contest the validity of the Will.

The outcome

The clients’ sibling very quickly and without the need for any formal action, negotiated ‘acceptable terms’ with our client.


A Halakah outcome.

Our Joint clients sought our assistance on a longstanding contract dispute.

Our clients were both observant Jews (and former close friends), sought to resolve their dispute relating to the formation and share ownership of their joint electric car start-up company.

Their aim was to informally find a Halakah solution, using the flexibility afforded to solving such modern problems not explicitly found in the Torah but at all costs to avoid publicity and any threats of civil litigation.

Following the joint review of the documents bundle, the process was treated as a form of alternative mediation, using halakhic inquiry methods with reference to relevant scripture and tradition which lasted several hours.

The outcome

Both parties eventually reached a mutually acceptable division of the company assets with a balanced financial compromise and so ended the dispute, parting on significantly friendlier terms then when they had arrived.



Data Protection compliance 


Data Protection & Privacy Law

Service overview:

Personal data is information held about living individuals (data subjects) who can be identified from that data or a combination of data.

There is additional protection for ‘sensitive’ personal data which can include information about racial or ethnic origin, physical and mental health etc.

The control and processing of personal data is regulated currently by the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Brexit: The Data Protection Act will mirror the GDPR for when the UK leaves the EU.

Data controllers need to notify the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) annually before processing personal data. Breaching the Data Protection Act is a criminal offence for which individuals can also be liable


How can we help?


What we do:

Data protection & GDPR advice


Protecting all your company data is vital, alongside complying with strict new data protection regulations contained in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Your business now faces additional regulatory burdens.

Our data protection advisors can assist you on the full range of data protection law issues, from what is covered by data protection, preventing breaches and violations to who needs to register, and following the principles in the 2018 Act.


We can provide an expert service, covering all data protection issues your business could encounter:


  • Your obligations under the current Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR
  • When you need to appoint a data protection officer, their location and their duties
  • Data retention policies and when records should be destroyed
  • Any registration processes
  • Complaints made to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • Formal enforcement action by the regulator (ICO)
  • Data breach issues, including 72 hours to report
  • Drafting data protection policies and processes
  • Your data processing and sharing agreements
  • Due diligence when appointing new business partners
  • Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) and the new subject rights under GDPR
  • Buying and selling databases
  • Electronic communications and marketing (PECR)
  • Article 27, EU GDPR- Acting as Representatives of controllers or processors
  • Data protection assessments and audits
  • Reviewing existing and potential websites and other digital user applications, including policies related to privacy, consent mechanisms, privacy dashboards, terms of use and cookies
  • Data export issues with countries outside of Europe that do not provide “an adequate level of protection” under EU law, such as data transfer and international cloud computing
  • Contractual agreements and data protection clauses to protect your business
  • Conducting a data privacy impact assessment
  • On-site Staff training
  • Your obligations over the handling of employee data, recruitment and monitoring practices



Financial Irregularly matters

We have longstanding expert experience  (25 years) in dealing with complex financial disputes particularly involving mis-selling of financial products and services by principals, agents and brokers, including mortgages, loans and sub-prime products & complex hedging products.

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Business Rate Valuation and Disputes

Property Disputes

When you have a dispute over the rateable value of a property, our team of advisers can assist you to resolve these matters informally or at Tribunal.

If you would like to speak with our property dispute team, contact us online.

The Valuation Tribunal is an independent appeals body for businesses and citizens to use when challenging decisions of the Valuation Office Agency or local councils in matters of council tax or business rates.