Trinity Knot Consulting

Pro Bono Activity

Trinity appreciates diversity and encourages its staff to retain links and continue to undertake work that assists the local community.

Particularly in situations where Legal Aid funding is unavailable and where individuals would suffer injustice from a lack of assistance or representation, such as in Personal Bankruptcy or Mortgage eviction cases.

All staff at Trinity have undertaken pro-bono referrals from local community organisations and individuals directly, this is supported and encouraged by the firm.

Law Works

Trinity also lends support to its staff giving their own time to a range of charitable organisations.
LawWorks, (formerly the Solicitors ProBono Group) previously featured high on the list. This excellent charity provides volunteers from City Law Practices who give legal assistance to individuals who would otherwise be left unrepresented in areas such Social Welfare Law.

Trinity staff have provided training resources to LawWorks.

Click here and Click here to read articles published in the LawWork’s newsletters regarding the amazing work of various volunteers involved with Law Works.

Citizens Advice

Trinity staff, regularly provide various Citizen Advice bureaux with subject and skills training and also offer second tier advice on specialist subjects such as Time Orders, Consumer Credit enforcement defences.
We have good pro-bono referral links with the Royal Courts Of Justice CAB.

Community Education / Financial literacy Seminars

Staff at Trinity, have been providing financial literacy programmes to school leavers and six form students entering further education for many years, covering basic financial subjects like bank accounts – budgeting, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages.

Demystifying the financial world as well as avoiding potential ‘debt trap’ problems.